Foot and Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet ¬†and hands that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body.  For example, the toes represent the head and the ball of the foot represents the chest and lung region.

The treatment will begin with some general relaxation techniques, followed by a precise thumb and finger walking technique aimed at applying pressure to every reflex area on the top and bottom of the foot or top of the hand and bottom of the hand.

A reflexologist will always work both feet or both hands as part of a full treatment.  The left foot/hand represents the left side of the body and the right foot/hand represents the right side of the body.

Reflexology is not ticklish as a firm pressure is used.  If a particular part of the body is out of balance, the corresponding reflex may feel tender or sore during the treatment.  It is important that you let the reflexologist know so that steps may be taken to rectify this discomfort.  Generally people describe any areas of tenderness as a "sweet pain" which is both bearable and beneficial.

Thai Reflexology

Thai Foot Massage is a relaxing yet invigorating treatment of the feet that was greatly influenced by two of its closest neighbor's China and India and their reflexology systems that are 1000's of year old.

When the Thai's met Chinese reflexology they softened the technique making it more pleasurable with a wide variety of 'sabaai' relaxing techniques to off set the 'jep' deeper techniques of the Chinese approach. The result is a blend of Chinese Reflexology, Thai acupressure points and 'Sen Line' work along with wonderfully stimulating and relaxing hand techniques.

Similar to the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine that carry the Qi or Chi energy, the Thai Medicine 'energy lines' know as Sen run though out the entire body with specific points ending at the feet and hands. The obstruction of this flow of energy is thought to be the cause of discomfort or illness in a person and the techniques of Thai Foot Massage are thought to stimulate and open these channels. During a typical Thai Foot Massage session a Thai practitioner will apply a special Thai balm and use a variety of hands-on techniques including graceful two handed palm movements, stretches, circular massage movements and thumb pressure along with the use of a special Thai stick made out of teak for specific acupressure to stimulate organ reflex points on the soles of the feet. Clients leave the session feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated.

Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stone Reflexology is very popular with those suffering from cold hands and feet. But, you don’t need colds hands or feet to appreciate the warmth and relaxation of the hot stones. The heat penetrates deeply into the muscles and can allow greater access for the Reflexologist to get into the reflex points.

A heated stone Reflexology session in the winter can be a good way to temporarily warm the body, without having to expose more skin than the feet and/or hands. In the summer cooled marble stones can help with sweaty or hot feet, and even help with puffiness associated with the warm weather and water retention.

During the session, you will be fully clothed with only socks and footwear removed. Stones are used to apply pressure to feet or hands. Small “toe” stones may be placed between the toes and left for a few minutes

Fertility Reflexology (Coming Soon)

Many women trying for a baby suffer from fertility issues, ranging from irregular menstrual cycle, reproductive organs problems (e.g. polycystic ovary syndrome) hormone imbalance or unexplained fertility issues. Alternative therapies such as reflexology look at the body holistically and address the root cause of any fertility issue and give you an improved healthy fertility. The reflexology foot massage induces a rebalancing of the body's energy and hormones.

A main advantage of reflexology treatments for fertility is to return to a regular menstrual cycle (after stopping taking contraceptive such as the pill) - a main step towards a healthy fertility and pregnancy. Balanced hormones allow for a healthy reproductive system. Reflexology is very strong in this area of fertility as it can target the reproductive system organs directly on the reflex points in the feet.

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology for pregnant women is the best adapted treatment for pregnancy. Its benefits are relaxation, keeping the body energy and hormones in balance. It also feels very comfortable for women during pregnancy as they are able to gently lie on their back (unlike other massages that require lying on your front - which is impossible when women are pregnant). Pregnancy reflexology is also very gentle and non-invasive reducing the stress on the pregnant woman body. More in more woman are turning to reflexology to induce labour when they are late on their due date. Reflexology allows for a safe delivery, usually easing labour and generally ensuring a healthy birth.

Couples Reflexology

Couples "Get In The Zone" foot treatment with foot reflexology massage is among the most popular service.  Our treatment room is outfitted with two zero gravity chairs where two people are in session at the same time.

Two can experience the benefits of therapeutic, relaxing foot care and reflexology in the same room. 

What to expect from a Couples "Get In The Zone" foot treatment:
First, you and your partner are escorted to our treatment room, a cozy room outfitted with two zero gravity chairs.  Our treatment room has calming music, warm earth tone colors, luxurious decor and soft dimmable light which combine to create an atmosphere of total relaxation, comfort, luxury and impeccable cleanliness.

First, you will both be left to sit back and soak your feet in a warm foot bath while the zero gravity chairs massage your body.  Conversation with your partner is totally acceptable during a couples "Get In The Zone" foot care treatment.  Second, you will both recieve a foot mask to detox your feet.  Third, you will both enjoy several minutes of relaxing foot reflexology.  Our reflexologist will always keep their conversation limited to periodically checking on your comfort level.

What Are the Benefits of Couples Reflexology?
Couples reflexology service is a great way to introduce a partner or friend who has never gotten a foot treatment before in a way that makes them feel more comfortable the first time.  Some of our male guests are apprehensive about getting their feet touched for the first time and are assured to have their partner there in the same room with them.

Men usually discover that our treatment is not only relaxing but also much more therapeutic and restorative that ever imagined.  Once they experience a couples reflexology session, most or our male guests are more willing to book a massage on their own, or continue to experience couples treatments.

What happens after the session?
Drinking plenty of water is very important following our treatments.  It helps the body to flush out metabolic toxins that are released that are released during your session.

Please note reflexology should not be used as a replacement for proven conventional care or to postpone seeing a doctor about a medical condition.

Pricing of Services

Foot or Hand Reflexology 30 Minutes $30
Foot or Hand Reflexology 45 Minutes $45
Foot or Hand Reflexology 60 Minutes $60
Thai Foot Reflexology 60 Minutes $65
Hot Stone Reflexology 60 Minutes $65
Maternity Reflexology 60 Minutes $65
Fertility Reflexology 80 Minutes $65

Add On Services

Paraffin Wax   $15
Foot/Hand Soak   $10
Foot/Hand Scrub   $10
Foot/Hand Mask   $10
Foot/Hand Moisturizer   $10
Ion Foot Cleanse   $50